Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rocky Has Nothing on Me!

My Sis and I started taking group exercise classes called Les Mills. I should clarify, we take them but in different cities, maybe not exactly the same thing but fun all the same. We compare notes and groan and gripe and even go to class with each other if we are visiting.

You may be asking yourself ‘What are Les Mills classes?’ and if you’re not, well I’m going to tell you anyway. As I mentioned before in Body Flow they are classes designed to work every part of your body, every part. I am pretty sure that between all the classes they have there isn’t one muscle that isn’t being worked out.
One class we take is Combat; this is a combination of seven different martial arts. Yea bad-ass! This class kicks you and beats you down and you say, ‘Why am I doing this?’ and you come back to the next one! Recently Les Mills put out a Combat DVD. How awesome! I can only get to a class once a week so this will be great; I can work out at home.
I did one of the DVDs a few weeks ago and it was good. A thirty minute workout, not bad, a good cardio. Today I felt I needed a more complete work out. How bad can ‘The Ultimate Warrior Workout’ be? Sixty minutes later I’m sweating like a two bit prostitute in church! Not even sixty minutes, I think the timer said 58:00! I guess they ran short of ideas in the art of torture and just couldn’t stretch it that last couple of minutes. Possibly watching some Bruce Lee movies, or Bridge over the River Kwai (look it up) to brush up on their Kung Fu torture.
So my newest idea, do the workouts with Sis using the Facetime calling feature on our cell phones!

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