Saturday, January 12, 2013

Did Someone Step on a Duck?

The other day coming home from work as I pull up to the mail box, 'cause of course I am way to lazy to walk down the driveway to get the mail later, I hear the strangest noise. I cock my head trying to hone in and Is that a duck? Oh my... those crazy neighbors across the street got a duck are you kidding me! It wouldn't surprise me at all...but wait a sec. Upon further notice it seems to becoming from my purse! Really? Then I see it's my cell phone, it's my sister! Since we text all the time and hardly call how was I to remember she was a duck?
Me: Oh hey (laughing like crazy, as I found this to be hilarious)
My sister: What's so funny?
Me: Well, funny story really (so I explain, I know she will be laughing hysterically soon) and your ring tone is a duck! Pretty funny huh?
My sister:...why is my ring tone a duck?
Me:, what's up?
Gotta love sisters?

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