Thursday, January 24, 2013

Purple Snakes?

I got myself the iPhone 4S, quite the upgrade from my 3. I was thinking of getting myself the 5, I mean if I am going to upgrade might as well get all the way up right? The problem was I had just bought myself a Michael Kors iPhone wallet (at an outlet since there was no way I could afford it otherwise!) it is purple snake skin. Who knew there are purple snakes! Well, my sister says, you could give me the wallet and get the 5…

So there is this awesome feature on my new 4S phone! It’s ‘talk to text’! Yes you heard me. Instead of typing in all those tedious letters you push the little microphone and basically dictate and with an occasional minor mistake or so it will put it all into text! So now when Sis and I are into one of our long winded discussions I just talk and I can make like really long phrases…

Then of course working at a college one of the students said to me, ‘Oh yea, and then if you use the headphones it assumes you can’t look at the screen so it will ask you questions about what you wrote…’ (and I’m all like OMG, what can’t this girl do!) So basically we have a conversation about my message, she critics me? Hmmmmm, so my phone has an attitude. We may have to have a sit down and discuss her possible interference. There is a poetic license issue, a freedom of speech what if she doesn’t get me; I mean I have a very sophisticated sense of humor and all that. My student, after studying me a while, said, ‘it’s just a phone’.  Ahem.

On the bright side it looks fabulous in the purple snake skin!

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