Friday, February 1, 2013

Can You Hand Me That Towel?

When I began this blog I had grand ideas that all the stories swimming in my head about what goes on in my life day to day or on a trip or well maybe a particular thought that struck my fancy would be of interest and easy to just jot down with a bit of wit and sass and dot dot dot.

Let me tell you it’s not that easy. Half the time the things I come up with are when I am texting my Sis, and I think hey that’s funny I should put that in the blog but then that would be a rerun to her she’s already read that and it's not as funny or witty by the time I get it pen to paper, per se! I am way funny in the shower and if I could type or write without getting the paper wet this blog would be awesome cause there is some funny stuff going on in there, of course I am talking about in my head in the shower. Awkward!

I hear the best ideas people get are when they are in the shower, I also hear they do other things in the shower that are best not put in the blog (they are found on different kinds of blogs, not that I have read them of course).  Maybe stopping by in the morning to hear my ideas would be better than my trying to get them on ‘paper’. Bring your own towel of course, I will provide the coffee oh and blindfold!

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