Friday, January 11, 2013

'Uff da'

Uff da, yes you heard me. You may want to remember that word it will come in handy for you. I have had occasion to use it many times here in the last couple of days!
It's the, well in our household we say Norwegian but I'm sure the Swedish use it too, word for OMG and most of the words that fall within the general area.

The first time this week was when I was trying to decide on taking a class in painting Rosamaling. This is a type of Norwegian folk art very skilled and only one teacher in the south who teaches and she is 60 miles from me! Uff da (OMG)! The cost for the class and supplies, Uff da (sigh)! This would also mean forgoing my Saturday morning workouts for six weeks, a personal commitment Uff da (double sigh)... however my daughter will take the class with me and it is an art form I have always wanted to learn a plus plus indeed. So we took the plunge and will get up early on Saturday mornings and make the 120 round trip for six weeks UFF DA! (fill in on you own) but I am sure the reward will be worth it.

My second chance to use Uff da was today. I won't translate the substitution however as I feel it may be offensive for some. I told you it was a catch-all phrase!
I had a blog set up a while back and was sailing along just fine. Yesterday I went in with a lovely, rather humorous story to impart. Was I able to post it? Why, no I was not because for some reason though my blog was there I was not! So I spent the better part of my work day (using that phrase rather loosely right now) trying to figure out what happened, to no avail by the way. I then spent at least two hours this morning with my co-worker trying to find me again, Uff da!

Well, the end result is I am now here. New name, new person but still me and ready for my Friday Margarita! Uff da!

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  1. Uff da is used in all Scandinavian countries, there is even an Uff da store on Camano Island, Washington due to the Scandinavian influence there.