Monday, July 22, 2013

Are We Having Fun Yet?

As you can see by my absence there has either been too little or too much to talk about. I will say that it’s a bit of both.

Mr. LT and I went on vacation to Puerto Vallarta and though I could spend all day talking to you of how beautiful and relaxing it was (and it was) how boring for you!  

Now back to work and beyond dull where even my imaginative mind is wallowing in boredom and can’t manage to pull itself up to come up with something remotely pithy to put on this site to delight you. Oww, that hurt my brain.

To make matters even worse, my traitorous Sis decided to go on an Alaska cruise with her husband to celebrate their 20 years together. The jury is still out on him but don’t tell her.

I tried to start a conversation with Siri but she kept telling me she didn’t understand my questions. No one gets me!

How bored can someone be when all the social media sites and YouTube and Pintrest and the list goes on, have become not worth the effort? Exactly, right?

I have watched the progress made by the men outside. Yes, they finally made some progress however miniscule. So currently I am listening to the pounding and crunching of very large machinery destroying concrete and soon part of my building on top of the soul destroying boredom.

On a happy note I think I will get a pedicure at lunch! Might as well make someone’s day fun!