Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Find my Center? I Didn't Know it Was Lost!

So I got a great idea to add the class Body Flow to my work out schedule. Body Flow is a combination Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates to tone and re-align our bodies, ow ow ow... I felt that though I was working out on a regular basis, weightlifting and combat (combination of different martial arts) I needed a little something different.

So off I skip to Flow, well not skip my coordination is not that great yet another good reason to take Flow, mat in hand and in my cute yoga outfit! Our nice instructor shows up and we start with standing legs a kimbo in a squat and swinging our arms and posing at the sun... ok I can do this. And we we are swinging and swinging...and swinging and ok enough already! Oh, and now with a downward dog and then twisting into a star and what is she doing?  How did she get her arm to bend that way? There was a time when I was rather bendy, it seems a long time ago. I am more like Barbie now. What do you mean just streach your legs all the way back, now bring this leg forwad and that arm to the other side and twist your body...are we playing Twister? Who moves like that? I kept looking to see if I was reading the directions in the wrong language! Surely she didn't mean to move that way, ok, yes she did... by the time I got twisted one way she was on to the next. I'm not bendy that way! Look, I have a cool mat! Hmmmmm. Bendy didn't come with the mat it would seem.

Now we begin the balance part, this could be comical, dangerous or just sad. Go with sadly comical and your in the ballpark. I was supposed to be a tree, but my shrub was the best in the class. I plan on working my way up to tree foot by foot! Ha! So... as I am trying in vain to keep up with my wonderful instructor and noticing the occasional look from a classmate or two (whatever) I keep asking myself, self 'is this doing anything?" Heck if I know.

The next thing we are doing our cool down, I hear things popping, so this is a good thing right? Who, after the age of Aquarius, can sit in that pretzel way, really? Well it seems some of the women I am in class with can, grrrrrrrr. Well needless to say I am finding my Center, lining up my Chakras and and most off trying to get my bendy back. Stay tuned, right now I'm, going to make like a tree and leavf... Ha!

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