Monday, March 4, 2013

The other day I called a friend of mine at work who is in a different department. We don’t get the chance to see each other much or even talk much both being busy with our jobs and everything else. We do try and get together for drinking of course ‘cause that’s what GNO is for. That however is not even germane to this story. Stop getting me off track!

So we chit-chat and I ask about her daughter who just started college, where we work.
Ms. P:  Oh, she’s doing great! I hardly see her of course.

Me:  Yeah, it was like that when my girls were there too. Wow, that was a while ago.
Ms. P:  Really?

Me:  Yeah, my oldest is 30!

Ms. P: No way, that can’t be! You don’t look that old!
Me:…( breaks squealing to a skid in my brain) um what?
Ms. P: Well, what I mean is…
Ok, let’s stop here for a sec.
Webster’s Dictionary defines old as- Far advanced in the years of one or its life.
Now yes I am a bit of a Diva however this does not fit into the ‘Diva’ specific category thank you. First off there are any number of words that could have been chosen that are much more delicate.
Like Mature, Seasoned and… Wow there’s not that many however the list of more colorful alternatives to old is endless!
Long in the tooth, no spring chicken, venerate, antiquated, primordial (wow!), doddering and a new one dog-eared! The list is endless so some creativity points could have been earned.
I am explaining all of this to Mr. JackCat who it would seem could care less and deservedly so.
Did you know that by the time your cat is 2 years old it is 24 in cat years! And it ages at an average of 4-5 years for each year after that! Mr. JackCat was not in the least moved by my chagrin over being called old. (He's 39 in cat years it would seem shhhhh).
Yes of course I digressed it’s what I do, adjust and get used to it.
So back to my story, to which you were hanging on every word.
Me: Hahaha oh I know what you mean and of course thank you. (Not really, and for the record she looks at least my age). Had them when I was twelve of course, hahaha…hmmmm.
Ms.P: Well you look amazing!
Me: (WELL DUH!) Oh thank you, (grrrrrrr) well the reason I’m calling…
For the record I do look amazing, and Mr. JackCat, well he might not be a Spring Chicken but he still plays a mean game of ‘Go Get the Mouse!’
 Not the least bit interested in my distress...

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  1. I am not allowed to play "Go get the Mouse", but I am Hell on wheels playing "go get the bug."