Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My Sis just got a new iPhone 4S just like mine. So now we are twins again, well let me clarify that. We won’t be mistaken for twins, yes the sister thing is there but we are a few years apart in age and no it’s none of your business which years those are! 

She now has talk to text (you might have noticed that we communicate a lot by texting?). Talk to text is awesome since you don’t have to try and type in all these really long thoughts and then backspace out because crap that’s not spelled that way and spell check totally got that stupid word wrong (where the hell did they get Kalamazoo out of laptop?) Sooooooooooooooooo, now you just make Siri do all the work! What else does she have to do? 

S: I got the 4s!

M: Awesome!

S: I know right, now I have talk to text too.

M: There’s a version 2?

S: No, talk to text also

M: Cool!

S: So now I have Siri!

M: Hmmmm, be careful she can be a bit touchy.

S: What?

M: Just sayin’

S: So as I text you my phone is reading out loud what I’m texting. I don’t know how I’m doing it.

M: How are you doing that?



S: What?

M: Shhhhh, I’m at the movies tell your phone to be quiet! 

Now it seems that her phone will only talk when it wants to. A word here and there, like it’s in a snit. Personally I know a lot of people I wish would take a hint as well as the phone did.

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