Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's All Greek To Me...

This week is Spring Break! Now that might not be a big deal to many of you but around here we sing its praises. That’s so wrong since the whole point of my job is the fact that there are students attending school here. There is some strange algebra there and that has never been a good subject for me. 

Not only do the students clear out of here but most of the professors and anyone else with enough time saved up because this place is a ghost town otherwise. I can always find something to do, but seriously… So I am taking some much deserved time off this week too. Who said I deserved it? Well I did and that pretty much sums up the list of important personage with input um let me check that…yes I am correct. 

Like always my Sis and I have a convo about this and by convo I mean talked and by talked I mean text. Why not just put that in your thesaurus because though we do talk on the phone I am going to say, and this is a rough estimate, 90% is texting. 

S: So whatchyadoin’?

M: Nothin’

S: Oh, me too.

M: So spring break next week, Woohoo!

S: Nice whatchya ganna do?

M: Take some time off, Woohoo!

S: Nice how much?

M: WTF off

S: WHAT? What did I say? Why are you so mean?

M: Huh?

S: I just asked when you were taking off…

M: Yes, WTF!

S: Fine, whatever…

M: Oh, LOL, sorry that’s college speak for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


I think we need to work on our acronyms.

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