Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And the Password Is...

Anyways, I was reading back through my posts and it seems I am a bit obsessed with this phone! Well it can’t be helped there are just so many things to say about it. 

Like ever since I got it this screen pops up randomly asking for my voicemail password! Well heck, I don’t have one. I have so many passwords for so many things holy cow, bank, credit cards, work, shoe outlets, book stores, clothes stores, Facebook, twitter and on and on the list is endless! Do you really think I need to add one to my phone? So I just keep ignoring it. However I notice that when people call me they don’t leave me messages, no skin off my nose (ouch, who came up with that one?). 

Then mom called, sigh, I promise to do a post on mom but I need to gear up for that. I’m at work so I missed the call but of course I knew she would leave a message except, wait…nope there was nothing there! In steps Student Assistant. 

SA: Oh, yeah you got a new phone right?

M:  Well yes but I never set passwords.

SA: Doesn’t matter.

M:   ?

SA: (Goes on to explain it to me and it sounds like this-¥ø€Ѻҙѽ)

M:   Ahhh.

SA: Let’s look this bad boy up and see if we can’t fix it. (Searching web)

       Ok, here we go follow my directions, right?

M:   Got it… (sure, these kids today!)

SA: Call this number, hit this push that wait for this then when they say this do that…

M:   Um, right

SA: Did you get a password?

M:   Wow! Yes! You are Amazing Student Assistant!

ASA: Yeah, I know…see ya tomorrow. 

Then I hear a ding and guess what, 10 voicemails! Yikes!
Well other than the recent one from mom, making sure I’m alive and why hasn’t she heard from me in forever (1 week) and she just wants to make sure I was wasn't mad at her (should I be?). I will delete the rest since they seem to be a little old and hey, they can always call back and leave a voicemail.

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