Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yours, Mine and There's?

So back to me, my boss will be having a birthday this month well actually her birthday and as always I will be making a big deal out of it because that’s what I do. I am the Festivity Coordinator here along with the many other hats I wear and thank goodness I look fabulous in hats! 

Normally for most of the birthdays here everyone gets one of my famous birthday cards. It seems I have the secret knack for picking the right card for the right person. It’s a gift and a curse; I manage to keep them just ‘this side’ of out of bounds but always hilarious. A talent passed down through family genetics. In our family a sweet lovey card is way out of bounds and we call the psych ward to see if you’ve been signed in! 

Again I digress! My boss is also a bit grammar phobic. Now I’m not sure if that is the correct term and if she were reading this she would sure as heck let me know! Being a professor she has plenty of opportunity to utilize her little red pen and use it she does. She almost hates grammar mistakes more than wrong answers! It’s actually quite funny, well if you’re me anyway not so much if you're a student. But since this is my blog and my opinion, we are going with yes it’s pretty funny. 

So imagine my laughter when I saw the perfect gift for her! Now normally I would get cards and lovely pastries for coffee in the morning never a gift, but this…I found a coffee cup that says. Ok well the cup doesn’t say anything since it doesn’t speak though how much fun would that be? It reads…well no it doesn’t read either. Can you imagine sitting down in the morning with your coffee and the newspaper and you coffee cup going-

 ‘Could you turn the page please I’m done with this one.’

 ‘Excuse me what?’

‘Well handle isn’t the same thing as hand so I can’t turn the page myself.’

‘Well yes, but you’re a coffee cup!’

‘My description says, and I quote-“Cup reads!”’

‘Well, not really but you’re talking too does it say that you talk…’

‘You’re giving me a headache; I’m going back to bed’ 

Well maybe it’s more of an inside thing but we all know someone like this and we all know how much fun it is to drive them just a little bit crazy.

Your looking for your red pen aren't you?






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