Monday, February 25, 2013

Pardon My Flush!

My mother used to ask us, ‘Were you raised in a barn?’ well seeing that she is the one that was doing the raising I would guess that she would know the answer to that…’No mom.’ This question usually came after finding some kind of mess or something disgusting. Well the other day here at work I went into the ladies room to use the um commode and what do I see there?

Now let’s face it, or in this case I would rather not, I work at a very nice university where the majority of the students come from well off backgrounds so unless they have someone at home coming behind them and flushing their toilets for them be it, and let me be delicate here, a 1 or a 2. then just maybe they and this case it would be a female they could manage to actually do it themselves! In what circumstance does a girl finish up (did I mention no paper in the commode? Yea sorry about adding that visual on) get her clothes readjusted walk out the door and not say, ‘Am I forgetting something?’ Well it could be that little present you just left for the next person to find or were you waiting for you mom to fly out here to take care of that for you?

 You see this sometimes in big public restrooms, movie theaters, malls the airport. This is a small building, small restroom. If you’re afraid of germs use a towel (though if I didn’t see paper, germs are the least of your problems). And now that I’m on it, what is with this straddling the seat and peeing from a few inches and then leaving the evidence all over? If all of this isn’t barn living then call me Elsie! (What? Why would you do that? Don't do that, I couldn't pass for an Elsie if I tried)

 My mom took great care to make sure we did not grow into the farm animals we could have. We became young women with manners and then moms who took great care to make sure our daughters had manners and who flush toilets and didn’t expect the maid to come in behind them.

 Classes are letting out time to get out the cow bell this barn is closed!

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