Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hello, it's Just Your Mom

Easter Sunday after church and brunch, I was napping something I rarely ever do but it was a very nice quiet Sunday and the breeze through the window was wonderful… 

So…Mom calls, ignore (sorry). Mom calls again…I know if I don’t answer she will go to the house phone. 

Mm: Are you mad at me? 

M: No, should I be? What did you do? 

Mm: No, nothing… 

M: Then no I’m not. Was this a poll? So are we good now?  

Mm: I just haven’t heard from you in so long, I thought you were mad at me. 

(Ok, let’s put this on pause for a sec. I just called her a few days ago.)  

M:  I just called you a few days ago. 

MM: I know. 

(I’m so confused) 

MM: Were you asleep? Did I wake you? 

M: I was napping so yes. 

MM: Well, I won’t keep you long. I just thought I would see if you were ok. 

M: Should I not be? Do you know something I don’t? Are you holding out on me? 

MM: No, I just worry is all. 

M: About what?! (trying to keep any frustration out, I’m a mom too) 

MM: I don’t know. 

M: *Sigh*… Ok, well, I’m fine, not mad at you and glad we had this talk soooooo… 

MM: Me too, so what’s new? 

M:??? Mom, we just talked. What could possibly have happened in my life in the last few days of my endlessly boring life? 

(Mom proceeds to fill me in on everything she told me in our last conversation in detail as I see my nap floating away from me like that dream you just can’t grasp.) 

MM: Well, I’ll let you get back to what you were doing… 

M: Yea, sigh, ok well love you. 

Who knows that might be me one day…but for now, I’m taking a nap and hitting ignore.

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