Friday, June 28, 2013

Wax On Wax Off

Well, I did it! Got the wax, wax on wax off! Yes it was a bit ouchy but I got a “you go girl’ from my technician (I felt like should she should have given me a lollipop on my way out). 

T: Hi I’m (name withheld not that she even knows about this blog but whatever) I will be taking care of you today. Is this your first time? 

M: Yep. 

T: Ok, do you know how much you want removed?  

M: Well, you’re the expert I was hoping you would help me with that…recommendation? 

T: Sure, put these on and I will be right back.

(She hands me this little paper bikini bottom…um ok)

Now girls I don’t need to tell you that as we get older we have been poked and prodded in our well female areas so much that when you are laying on a massage table with your lady parts open to the world for someone you just met to come along and just start ripping, oh I’m sorry…delicately tiding up the garden it just doesn’t seem to bother you a bit.   
Did you know that there is a name for the wax when they remove everything, like the day you were born...yep, the Sphinx. I think cause when they are done you are speechless. Would I lie to you?

And so began a rather interesting visit as we discussed various subjects while she applied hot wax from stem to stern and ripping and talking all the while. As more and more wax was applied I thought, “What kind of bikini is this?”  Kind of like a hairdresser who is so chatty that you’re practically bald before she’s done. I think that was pretty much the end result, with a soul patch! Of course I had to text my Sis- 

M:  So, did it! The wax thing… 

S:  Yea how was it? 

M: Not too bad, no crying it was def ouchy especially at the back part, did not know she was going there... yeeeeowza! 

S:  Huh. 

M: So, you know when you get a new haircut, or a manicure or pedi and you want to show everyone and say, “Hey, so yea what do you think…cute?” I kinda want to do that, you know show it off. Probably not appropriate eh? 

S: …(head shaking) (yea you can feel her do that through a text)

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