Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fashion- It's a Gift and a Curse

Well we are into week…does it matter? The men are still out there working away. They are behind schedule and from a remodeling issue that is very frustrating (they can’t see my toe tapping). I been through a lot of remodeling, years of it and believe me I am already frustrated. It seems they have run into issues like having to dig trenches 5’ deeper than they thought, and crawling through tunnels with no air source and of course the Texas summer heat at 90 around noon. Planning, planning, and planning!

I will need to get my vest and hard hat out this week and investigate what the holdup is. I have a life (meh) and I don’t have all day to stand around and watch these guys stand around watching! And though I look so cute in my hat I am finding it incredibly difficult to accessorize with it so they will need to move things along or I may need to improvise!
"OMG, where did you get those shoes!" "Don't you just love 'em? 30% off for reals!"

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