Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hot Cross Buns

I was getting my coffee this morning, my kick-start as I trowel on my make-up, and my stomach growled at me! I started thinking about getting biscotti but knew how many calories that would start my day with and breakfast was around the corner. It also reminded me of the mornings I would get up and make homemade muffins, pancakes, waffles, coffee-cake and other treats. I gained weight just thinking about them. That all stopped when my daughters moved out of the house. Mr. LT and I didn’t need the caloric intake and for some reason the desire for the effort just wasn’t there. 

I find, as I suspect you do, that I collect recipes though. I have Pintrest like everyone else and even though I don’t spend time on it like a fanatic and recipes are not the big focus I do find myself with quite a collection of them. Mostly baking ones, breakfast ones. Muffins, scones, different kinds of coffee cakes and waffles and mmmmm well the possibilities are endless. Do I make them, no. I generally email them to my co-worker who loves to bake and say, “Hey, this looks good why don’t you make this for us to taste!” It’s easier on me both time wise and calories too! 

My Sis lives in Austin (have I mentioned this?) so of course when we visit there we stay with them at their Manor and they stay here at our Lodge, ha! She of course is used to the lavish breakfasts of fresh baked goods in the mornings. In these last numbers of years it seems the cook has flown the coop! Coffee and some power bars, oatmeal and as long as the cats aren’t watching you can have some of their treats!  

I have lots of cookbooks and a three ring binder packed with interesting things as well as emails I get twice a day! Can I delete them? No, I might make them one day…well not really but I may find someone who will make some of them for me, but right now I’m running late and still have my eyelashes to do and biscotti crumbs all over me!

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