Tuesday, May 14, 2013

And These Make Me Look…

Our recent trip to San Francisco was delightful. As you heard we had a lovely dinner in Chinatown or just outside of what might be the ‘official’ Chinatown, the street with the banner that says, “Welcome to Chinatown”.  

Mr. LT and I left the restaurant and set off in that direction and almost literally stumbled upon it. In parts it seems a throw back in time and yet it is very modern and tourist driven too. So many shops to buy the trinket, t-shirt, bobble head. Some of the shops are cheap some having beautiful items. We managed to spend money in both. 

Mr. LT: Hey, I’m getting this dragon. It’s my animal.

M:  What? Your animal?

Mr. LT: Yea, my Chinese birth year animal.

M: No it’s not. You’re a dog.

Mr. LT: ?

M:  Look at the chart…dog.

Mr. LT: But the dog is stupid looking, I want the dragon. I feel like a dragon.

M:  (Head shaking) 

I had broken my sunglasses that day and on keen observance Mr. LT noticed that in the ‘dragon’ shop they had sunglasses for $2. 

Mr. LT: Hey, they have some nice sunglasses you should look them.

M:  Um, $2? Really? Ok.

M:  So, How about these? Or these?

Mr. LT: Hmmmm, yea… not the first ones. The second pair…they’re nice, kinda different but look good on you.

M:  Different? What does that mean?

Mr. LT: No it’s a good thing it means they look good, just different. You know.

M:  ???, no I don’t know. Why is there no mirror?

Mr. LT: Seriously they look fine…what’s wrong with having a different look? 

(I take the sunglasses to the counter) 

M:  So, what do you think of these?

SG: Oh, vely nice, vely diffelent. Pretty. Look good on you.

M:  Grrrrrrr

SG: You buy? Look vely diffelent good. Two dalla’.

M:  Sigh.
Only two dalla!

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