Monday, May 13, 2013

Connect The Dots

On my recent trip to San Francisco Mr. LT and I had gone to dinner in Chinatown. After much careful planning and perusing of maps he figured out the best way for us to get to the restaurant for dinner. (And Away We Go) 

In the back of my mind I had a strange feeling that we were backtracking at some point. 

M:  Is it just me or are we going back the way we came?

Mr. LT: It’s just you.

M:  Hmmmm

Mr. LT: It just feels like that because…(here is when I hear ((1=2x)=x€∑-⅝√ⁿ))
M:  Ok but I think we are backtracking, just sayin’. 

After a lovely dinner a walk through the main street of Chinatown and its shops Mr. LT discovers that we are on the street that leads to our hotel. No hills no going back the way we came. It seems that perhaps I had been on target and we made a loop and didn’t need to climb Everest. 

No worries, we walked off the drink or two I was about to have.

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