Monday, May 13, 2013

And Away We Go!

I recently took a trip to San Francisco for a relaxing vacation. My spouse came along ‘Mr. Linear Thinking’; no you’ve not heard me reference him before mostly because this is about me but for the sake of this story and some to follow we may need to bring him in.

We arrived in lovely weather, 80’s in the spring in San Fran (must have been just for me!). We were staying in a quaint little hotel in Union Square, most of this you can Google and Mr. LT says he wants to go to Chinatown and eat at a particular restaurant. No worries I am all for adventure in this town!

Mr. LT of course plots out the best course to this hot spot. Of course streets with these names go this ways and streets with these names go that way so that would mean to get to the X we need to go this way! Um, ok

And off we set…

Have any of you been to San Francisco? They have hills, it’s very hilly. It seems to have these very steep hills, ones with steps cut into them just to help you out a bit not that it does. We went up many of those; I lost count when my Sherpa told me he had family and didn’t want to leave them behind.

I have mentioned that I work out, right. I did say that it was in the mid 80’s, but by the time we reached the summit I was spent, the oxygen tank had run out and I was glistening.

Mr. LT: Well that was more than I was expecting (sweat running down his face.)

M:  (Gasping) Really? You didn’t notice the hills? This is San Francisco you know.

Mr. LT:  (Giving the Look) Let me get my bearings…we need to go this way.

We make a turn and start going down hills, somewhere in the back of my mind was this little voice saying, “Are we going back the way we came?” “Shut up little voice don’t make me hit you cause if you are right I will have to punch Mr. LT!” 

Mr. LT: There are all kinds of little restaurants here!

M:  Yes, are we eating in any of them? Water…I need water… (I had become so dehydrated from the flight, heat and schlepping across the mountains)  

We finally make it to the Oriental Pearl (a Rachel Rae mention) we are seated and I feel like I have been crossing the desert for a week. I am so parched I can hardly talk. Waiter! Water! I drank copious amounts of water and I don’t know how much it took to finally quench my thirst. The waiters were apparently thinking this too.  

We had a nice meal and the kind waiters circled continuously to check on my water. Hey guys what I need now is the way to the Ladies room!

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