Sunday, February 3, 2013

E.T. Phone Home

The other day I was out and I used the phone feature where you ask Siri to dial the number for you-
M: Siri call Home.
S: You have several homes which one?
(At this point she shows me a list of all the numbers I have listed as someone’s home phone! Wow maybe I need a different cataloging system. Not to mention a lot of these folks have dropped their home phones. Guess it’s time for some home cleaning!)
M: Not those homes, my home.
S: No listing for my Home. (dumb ass (implied))
M: Oh very funny, call Home just home.
S: No listing for…
S: Something wrong? Maybe you should be a bit more specific (dumb ass, I know I heard it this time) so fancy owning all those homes.
M: Look, you work for me I don’t have to take this. You’re just a stupid program and now you’re acting like a, well I’m too nice to say it.
S: …
M: Hello? Um, hello? (great, sigh) Ok, look I may have been a bit out of line with the stupid and you know the other thing so enough with the pouting and silent treatment, but I just want to call my house is that so difficult?
S: Apology accepted, calling Home
H: Hello, Happy Time Psychiatric Home!

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