Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Yesterday was a total Bad Hair day both literally and figuratively.  I woke with a migraine, got up and fell behind before I even started. My mascara, well you know how that goes. Your eyelashes are either with you or against you on any particular day. Yesterday they were against me. A glance at the clock, I am falling further behind. Time for hair, my hair is very short and so it doesn’t take very long for it to ‘grow out’. It was feeling very grown out and didn’t want to help at all so after far too long I gave up and went with it. Or did I…no I didn’t. I tried the trick my hairdresser uses and after using the hair spray ran my fingers through it to give it that punch. OMG! I can’t give you a visual description, there are no words. I stood there dumbstruck. Well, this is why I am not a hairdresser obviously! Now what? There is no way this head is walking outside with me under it. Time check…crap!
Ok, nothing else to do but start from scratch… careful of the make-up (heaven forbid I screw up those damn eyelashes!) I stuck my head under the faucet and washed that spray right out and started anew. So after some ‘let’s not try so hard’ styling I got a reasonable doo. (Still not worthy but passable) on to wardrobe.
Sidebar-I have lost about 15lbs and quite a few inches due to a strict exercise regime and diet. If the scale moves more than a pound or so EEEEEEKKKKK!           
So, wardrobe (time check OMG!) since things fit me great now and I don’t have to do the ‘OMG I look so hideous in this’ I throw on a cute outfit and head out to pack up for work but wait…what is that in the mirror? EEEEEEEEKKKKK! ‘OMG I look hideous in this!’ What happened, did I gain 10lbs over night? I have to change clothes… sigh. Could this day get worse?  I forgot to go to my Yoga class. My class instructor, who I ran into as I go into my Combat class says, ‘Where were you?’ ‘Um, I forgot?’
In the grand scheme they are such minor issues true, well maybe not forgetting Yoga but in all.
On the brightside…awesome hair day today, cute outfit first shot, and not only running early but missed being held up by a very long train by a matter of minutes! Can you say Lotto!

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