Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Rose By Any Other Name

So, as I was saying…There I am high school reunion and all. My ‘Big Sis’ who still lives in California (did I mention I went to school in California? Details, details…) picks me up at the airport (so nice after my stressful ordeal) and off we go to the hotel.

Being with my sisters is wonderful and crazy and anyone who is around can testify to that. Mostly we are our best audience. 

As my sister and I are in line to check me in a woman walks by, she does a double take and walks up to us… 

W:  I know you! 

M:  (?) (I look at my sister thinking she must be talking to her since I don’t have the faintest idea who she is).

BS:  (?) (Looking at me, same thought it would seem).

W:   You’re (names have been changed to protect the guilty or innocent it’s all in the perspective and because if she or anyone else involved ever were to read this…omg!) Laurie V.! (What?! Who is she? How does she remember me? My sister is all, “This is you I’m in the clear” She didn’t say it out loud she said it with her eyes, which is not like Morse code like she’s all standing there blinking it out because how awkward and I don’t know Morse code and would be um sec I need to Google this how many dashes was that…but just that sister mind meld thing right?)

M:  Um, yaaaaaaa. Hi! (Avoiding name) How are you?

W:  It’s me, Cheryl L., but now Higginbotham. (How is that for made up?)

M:  Oh wow, right! You look great! (Who the hell is that?) (Glancing at my sister who is smirking at me, ok no help there who invited her anyway?)

CL:  You look fantastic, you haven’t aged at all. (I’m taking that as a compliment, I think) We should get together later what are your plans? (And as she continues on mapping out the evening I wonder is this why I blocked her from my memory?)

My best friend Lisa had already checked in and arranged for our rooms to be next to each other, awesome. When she came into my room the years just fell away and it was like high school again. My sister was dying laughing (Lisa and I were sort of odd goofy types and reverted back quickly).

L:  So what are the plans for tonight, how do you want to plan it out?

BS: (Laughing) Go ahead fill her in.

M: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, yeah so it seems I ran into Karen F. in the lobby. 

BS: (?) Who? No, Cheryl L. who is Karen F.?  

M:  Who is Cheryl L.? I remember Karen F. 

BS:  Cheryl L., that’s who we met in the lobby, sigh. 

L:  I remember Cheryl L. and Karen F..

M: Really? Did we hang out with them? 

L:  No, they didn’t even talk to us. 

BS: (Laughing way too much)

M:  Well she wants to hang out with us now. Sigh.

Enter Scott B. Scott was in my big sisters class but we were all in choir and friends. We just love him and he is equally as funny as the three of us so fun is guaranteed. 

SB:  So, what are the plans?

As we all look at each other laughing… 

M:  You remember Karen F.? 

L/BS:  CHERYL L.!!!! 

M:  Whatever! (I then explain the day’s events and up to how the evening was planned out for us).

 M:  Let’s all just get ready and meet in the bar I need a drink.

 We are met in the bar by Cheryl/Karen who Scott then mouths at us…

 SB:  Oh that Cheryl.

Geez, this is where Cheryl reminds Scott that they used to date and make out in the bleachers on the football field, news to Scott who is gay.

SB:  (?) (Since he is sitting off to CL’s side…and we really did laugh out loud at his look of surprise, confusion and controlled laughter)

M:   Another Cosmo! So Ka… 

EVERYONE: CHERYL!  (I can’t be sure but I think even Karen corrected me in that one!) 

We did have a pleasant evening. Well except for the lady who was hurt because I didn’t remember her even though she stood two rows in front of me in choir and graduated the year ahead and got Lasik and… (Grrrrrrrrrrrr) I think the highlight of the cocktail party was Scott filling in for his sister Terri by wearing her name tag, crossing out her name and putting his and realizing that people must be thinking she was now he having had a sex change operation!  

I think I will pass on the next reunion. Seeing Cheryl (AKA Karen) was interesting and maybe one or two others that I did want to see, but they were people from so very long ago and other than Lisa and Scott have had  no apparent impact on my life.  

I will focus on those people who are around me and have played a part in my life and most importantly whose names I can remember…like what's her name and oh yea wait don't tell me just blink it out I got this.



















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  1. Aww, this could practically relate to most people we know in regards to a reunion. A few truly important people, and the majority that you look at and think "why the Hell are you talking to me now, cause you certainly did not in HS!!"