Thursday, August 22, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane Wow are My Arms Tired

It was time for my high school reunion this summer. It was a significant one and though I didn’t really care that much about going and revisiting that time or those people I did want to see my best friend since 7th grade, Lisa. Lisa and I agreed that if I went she would go and vice versa and totally worth it. This means flying out to California for me. I don’t mind flying but like everyone I have my ‘quirks’.   

It was a noon flight and Mr. LT was taking me to the airport so dropping me off at 8am sounded about right, right? Sigh. No problem, coffee and a snack and my book and, while cursing my daughter, a little Candy Crush. That is a story by itself. 

Now I am one of those people who doesn’t want to visit with you while flying. I don’t want to hear about your family or where you’re going, came from, and graduated college, how many grandkids you have or what you ate for breakfast. Mr. LT and I don’t even sit next to each other sometimes, he takes the window and I the aisle much to the consternation of the person in the middle.  

I approach my seat…there is a gentleman in the aisle seat I have the window. He is reading his book with his $300 Bose headphones on, score. 

M:       Excuse me thanks. 

Mr. B:  Sure. 

M:       (Sitting getting adjusted making the international sign of 'don’t bother me I am not here to talk or socialize' by getting out my book, water, snack, headphones and magazine for the pre-reading phase since I can’t have my e-book on. This takes care of any early stealth conversation strike. I have now created my 'privacy zone'.) (Magazine in hand and go.) 

Mr. B: So that was some mess, I hate changing terminals and a broken plane? (Another story)

M:  (?) (Um yeaaaaaah…mentally waving my hands indicating the international sign for ‘I am not visiting with you’) Um, oh I know. 

Mr. B: I wonder what the problem was I came in on that flight. 

M:   (?) (Why is he wearing those headphones?) Wow, yea.  

Now you might think me insensitive, but keep in mind I have been up since 4:30am and I have a tendency to fall asleep during flights even during conversations. I kid you not! So it is very tedious for me to try and maintain small talk especially with someone I don’t know. The migraine medicine I took would kick in eventually and then you can just forget about it.

M:   (Head back down to magazine. He is reading my magazine…who does that? He has a book. I am mentally waving my hands indicating the international sign for ‘you are invading my 'private zone'’ just short of actually making the hand gestures outlining your space-my space!). 

We take off and it’s a good reason to close my eyes and put my head back. Mr. B. decides to take a nap. But what’s this, his legs splay open and knees everywhere including all over me. 

Oh a true violation of all international rules! (Hello! Did you all just see that!?) That just is not allowed! Of course I counter with the, ‘I am re-adjusting my seat’ move which knocks his knee back to his side and wakes him. He becomes aware that he may have invaded my zone and re-positions. Exactly! (mental fist bump).

Flying is so very exhausting.

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